On-line administration of bookkeeping

According to accumulated
professional experience we administer bookkeeping according to the demands of each individual client. We account transactions,
compile monthly balance-sheets and profit (loss) reports, various statistical and other reports. We provide our services by using “HansaWorld” software.
When using this service, the client is granted internet access to any place (on-line) of the bookkeeping software. The client received up-to-date, relevant, objective and comparable information, characterizing company’s activity.

Accountant general service

We provide accountant-general services or administer bookkeeping from processing original information to
creation of balance-sheets, forming of accounting policy, answer to possible questions, consult.

Company establishment

Representation for control institutions. By saving your time we create and provide declarations, as well as represent the company in VMI, SODRA, state company Registry centre, customs and statistics department.

Quality and responsibility. Our bookkeeping professionals work in a team – they share experience and can solve the arisen issues more quickly and reliably.

The data is kept in professionally prepared, protected servers, data is backed up every day. We commit to administer bookkeeping of companies precisely and in timely manner, and we are kept responsible for possible inaccuracies.